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Ambulance Services Supplemental Payment Program Cost Report Information


The Ambulance Services Supplemental Payment Program (ASSPP) cost report must be completed on an annual basis for fiscal years ending on September 30. Cost reports are due to HHSC on March 31st of the following year, or the following Monday if March 31st falls on a non-business day. An eligible governmental provider who has been approved to submit a cost report for supplemental payment will prepare and certify through its cost report the total actual, incurred Medicaid and Uncompensated (uninsured) costs, including the federal share and the non-federal share applicable to the cost report period. The completed cost report will be submitted through the State of Texas Automated Information Reporting System (STAIRS).

ASSPP Cost Reports must be completed by a preparer that attended cost report training

View information regarding Cost Report Training

2023 Cost Report Information

STAIRS – State of Texas Automated Information Reporting System

STAIRS is an online application through which providers will prepare and submit their 2023 cost reports. Providers without prior access to STAIRS will be sent an email from the STAIRS system by February 1, 2024, containing STAIRS login information including their username and password. This email will be sent to the Primary Entity Contact designated by HHSC PFD based on enrollment information previously submitted to HHSC. Questions regarding STAIRS access for new providers should be sent to

It is important to understand that each entity controls who is given access to their cost report. Access to STAIRS is granted through the assignment of roles that consist of:

  • Entity Contact (primary or secondary)
  • Financial Contact (primary or secondary)
  • Preparer

The Primary Entity Contact must first assign a “primary Financial Contact.” Then, either of these Primary Contacts must assign at least one “Preparer” who will be responsible for completing the entity’s cost report. Only the Primary Entity Contact and the Primary Financial Contact may grant access to their cost report in STAIRS. Persons who feel they need access to the entity’s cost report should consult with the Primary Contacts for that Entity.

The due date for the 2023 ASSPP cost report submission is March 31, 2024.

Report Request Letters

View the STAIRS General Announcement letter (.pdf)

2023 Cost Report Documents

View the Program Specific Methodology Rules

View the Rate Analysis Digital Signature Authorization information.

View the 2023 Cost Report Instructions (.pdf)