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MEI Cost Report Information


View the Rate Analysis Digital Signature Authorization information.


In accordance with Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), section 355.102(d), successful completion of an online cost report training is mandatory for all individuals who sign the Cost Report Methodology Certification as preparer.

It is the responsibility of each provider to ensure that each cost report preparer who signs the Cost Report Methodology Certification has received the Mandatory Cost Report Training and received credit from the appropriate Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) training session. Cost report preparers may be employees of the provider or persons who have been contracted by the provider for the purpose of cost report preparation. To have full access to prepare a 2023 MEI Cost Report, the preparer must attend a 2023 MEI Cost Report training for the 2023 cost report. NO EXEMPTIONS from the cost report training requirements will be granted.

Preparers must complete cost report training for every program for which a cost report is submitted. The MEI cost report is for the Mental Health (M), Early Childhood Intervention (E), and Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (I) programs. Cost report training is required every other year for the odd-year cost report in order for the preparer to be qualified to complete both that odd-year cost report and the following even-year cost report for the specific program(s) for which the credit(s) was received.

Automated Web-Based Cost Report:

Providers will be submitting their 2023 Cost Reports through the web-based STAIRS. You must have a login and password to access the Cost Report web-based system. Logins and passwords for the STAIRS application have not changed from the previous Cost Report. Providers will be notified at a later date to obtain access to the STAIRS application.

Access STAIRS.

Report Request Letter

View the STAIRS General Announcement letter (.pdf)

Cost Report Due Dates:

Cost Report YearService PeriodCost Report Due Date
2023State Fiscal Year 2023April 30, 2024

Cost Report Training:

In order to obtain full access to prepare a 2023 MEI COST REPORT, the preparer must attend a 2023 MEI cost report training. NO EXEMPTIONS from the cost report training requirements will be granted.

Training Schedule:

View the training schedule (.pdf)

Register for training:

Register for Webinar training

Trained Preparers List:

For Security reasons, HHSC will no longer post the training preparers list to the Provider Finance website.

A list (in Excel) of persons who have completed the training requirements and received credit to prepare cost or accountability reports for the year indicated is located on the Dashboard in STAIRS. Users will need to log into their STAIRS account to access the list.

NOTE: Preparers willing to be hired out to prepare cost report are indicated on the list. HHSC does not endorse anyone on this list and does not ensure that anyone on the list can properly complete a cost report or accountability report.

Cost Report Reference Documents:

View the MEI Cost Report Training Presentation (.pdf)

View the MEI Cost Report Instructions (.pdf)

View the Cost Report Data Requested (.pdf)

View the MEI Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)

Note: The sample cost report is an example used for cost report training purposes only. The actual "cost report" is an automated web-based system