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School Based Medicaid Resource and Training


Medicaid services provided by school districts in Texas to Medicaid- eligible students are known as School Health and Related Services (SHARS). SHARS allow local school districts, including public charter schools, to obtain Medicaid reimbursement for certain health-related services documented in a students Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

The new School Based Medicaid Resource and Training (SMRT) team was created in order to serve as a direct communication channel between the Health and Human Service Commission Provider Finance Department (HHSC-PFD) and the Local Education Agencies (LEA) participating in SHARS. As the SHARS program has grown, HHSC-PFD became eager to create a team that could respond to a greater need for enhanced state oversight, education, and technical assistance provided directly to participating providers. SMRT will offer comprehensive support to school officials and direct medical service providers within LEAs through a series of annual engagements. The regional staff of HHSC PFD will conduct yearly or biennial onsite visits to each LEA.

Additional SHARS Information

Please visit the PFD SHARS Page for additional information on the program, enrollment, and participation.

Onsite Visits to the Local Education Agencies

Onsite visits are not financial or compliance audits of LEAs.  Onsite visits will include an overview of the SHARS program, covering key dates, deadlines, overall program expectations, and important information on any pending or upcoming federal guidance. These onsite opportunities are designed to provide LEAs with scheduled in person meetings to seek clarification, ask questions, and receive guidance pertaining to the program in particular the annual cost reporting, interim claiming requirements, and random moment time study policies and processes.

Education Service Centers Engagement

Conferences will be organized throughout the year using the existing Education Service Center (ESC) regional breakdown  across the state to foster ongoing engagement and collaboration. These conferences will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the SHARS program, introduce the SMRT team, and provide targeted training sessions. These meetings will disseminate pertinent information and updates concerning the SHARS program, enabling ESC representatives to share out information to all the LEAs within their region. 

Regional Staff 

The SMRT team is comprised of eight HHSC-PFD staff members, tasked with conducting on-site visits. HHSC-PFD staff are strategically located within the ESC regions, where they will actively engage with LEAs and ESC to offer guidance on the SHARS program throughout the year. 


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