2018 Cost and/or Accountability Report Information


The 2018 Cost and/or Accountability Reports for the following programs will be submitted through the State of Texas Automated Information Reporting System (STAIRS).

  • 24-Hour Residential Child Care (24RCC)
  • Community Living Assistance and Support Services - Case Management Agency (CLASS-CMA)
  • Community Living Assistance and Support Services - Direct Service Agency (CLASS-DSA)
  • Day Activity and Health Services (DAHS)
  • Deaf Blind Multiple Disabilities Waiver (DBMD)
  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) – Case Management
  • Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) – Specialized Rehabilitative Services
  • Home and Community based Services/Texas Home Living (HCS/TxHmL)
  • Intermediate are Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions (ICF/IID)
  • Nursing Facility (NF)
  • Primary Home Care (PHC)
  • Rehabilitation Services – Mental Health
  • Residential Care (RC)
  • Service Coordination – Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Condition
  • Targeted Case Management – Mental Health
  • STAR+PLUS services affiliated with the above service types

Cost Report Release, Request, and Due Date

The normal release date each year for STAIRS cost reports for all programs is February 1st with a due date of April 30, 2019.

The 2018 STAIRS Cost and/or Accountability Report request will go out on February 1, 2019, and will be distributed via two methods:

  • The request letter will be posted to the DADS and DFPS websites in the "Information Letters" section and an email will be sent to all providers through the DADS and DFPS electronic communication system
  • An email will also be sent out from STAIRS directly to all Entity and Financial Contacts that have been identified for each provider in STAIRS

Report Request Letters

View the STAIRS General Announcement letter (.pdf)

View the STAIRS General Accountability Report Announcement letter (.pdf)

2018 Cost Report Documents

View the Program Specific Methodology Rules

View the Cost Report Program Specific Instructions 

View the Cost Report Worksheets and Worksheet Instructions

View the Cost Report Schedules (NF Only)

STAIRS - State of Texas Automated Information Reporting System

STAIRS is an online application through which providers will prepare and submit their 2018 cost and/or accountability reports.

Providers who submitted their 2017 Cost Report via STAIRS will use the same logon information to access their 2018 Cost and/or Accountability Report. An email will be sent to these providers from the STAIRS system that will include reminder information about accessing the system.

New providers without prior access to STAIRS will be sent an email from the STAIRS system by February 1, 2019, containing STAIRS login information including their username and password.

This email will be sent to the Primary Entity Contact designated by HHSC RAD based on enrollment information previously submitted to HHSC, DADS, and/or DFPS. Questions regarding STAIRS access for new providers should be sent to RateAnalysisDept@hhsc.state.tx.us.

It is important to understand that each entity controls who is given access to their cost report.  Access to STAIRS is granted through the assignment of roles that consist of:

  • Entity Contact (primary or secondary)
  • Financial Contact (primary or secondary)
  • Preparer

The Primary Entity Contact must assign a "primary Financial Contact". Then, either of these Primary Contacts must assign at least one "Preparer" who will be responsible for completing the entity's cost report.

Only the Primary Entity Contact and the Primary Financial Contact may grant access to their cost report in STAIRS. Persons who feel they need access to the entity's cost report should consult with the Primary Contacts for that Entity.

When a Contact or Preparer is added, STAIRS will automatically send an e-mail to that person providing them with access information including a username and password.

Reference materials are available once you log onto STAIRS at the bottom of the main screen. Please take time to review the reference material document titled Helpful Information for Contacts and Preparers. This document includes information on managing (adding, deleting, modifying) contacts and roles as well as descriptions regarding the functionality of these roles.

Mandatory Training Requirements for Preparers in STAIRS

STAIRS provides a list of preparers from which a Preparer must be selected. This list includes all preparers who have met the mandatory cost report training requirements for the programs utilizing the STAIRS application. If the desired Preparer is not on the list this means they have not met the training requirements and must do so before they can be added (see Cost Report Training below for additional information).

Excusal from Filing a Cost and/or Accountability Report

View information regarding being excused from submitting a Cost and/or Accountability Report.

Cost Report Training

View information regarding cost report training.

Cost report training is available for the 2018 Cost and/or Accountability Reports for all cost report Preparers. 

Providers will be notified via email through the DADS and DFPS electronic communication system when the training information is posted.