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Article IX Sec. 17.34. Charity Care and Hospital Transparency - Update and Contact Information

HHSC has contracted with Myers & Stauffer to complete the study and report as required by Article IX, section 17.34 related to Charity Care and Hospital Transparency.
Per Article IX, HHSC shall study and report on the financial and utilization data of licensed Texas hospitals that generate revenue from public sources and programs and/or benefit from tax exemptions or the use of public debt. HHSC shall contract with a third party, which may not be an entity that owns or operates a hospital, and the third party must be familiar with the Texas hospital market and data, to assist in the completion of this report.

Myers & Stauffer will be contacting hospitals to collect information and clarification as they work to complete this report. Due to the time constraints as this report is due December 1, 2024, HHSC requests responses be provided as quickly as possible once received.

Questions for Myers & Stauffer should be sent to:

Questions for HHSC should be send to: 

HHSC will share updates via govdelivery and/or post on our website here: