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Rider 57

In accordance with the directive from the 2010-11 General Appropriations Act (Article II, Health and Human Services Commission, Rider 57, H.B. 1, 81st Legislature, Regular Session, 2009) the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) issued a survey to the provider community. All hospitals that received payments related to the Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) program and Upper Payment Limit (UPL) programs during State Fiscal Year 2010 (September 1, 2009 thru August 31, 2010) were directed to complete the survey.

Below is a link to a Microsoft Excel file to view the results of the Rider 57 survey. The file is a representation of the survey providers were asked to fill out. By choosing the cell in the middle of the yellow box at the top of the file, each provider may be selected from the drop down box. Once the provider is selected, the survey will populate with that specific providers responses. Another provider may be selected by selecting the drop down box again and choosing a different provider. Once a new provider is selected the survey fields will update with the newly selected providers information.

View the Rider 57 survey results (.xls)