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UC Payments Protocol

CMS approved the revised Texas Uncompensated Care payment protocol on July 26, 2018.  This protocol should be read in conjunction with a number of accompanying draft Excel workbooks that are illustrative of how the procedures in the protocol are to be followed.  These workbooks are for analysis purposes only and the data therein is not suitable for any other purpose.  Further, these workbooks have not yet been approved by CMS and are subject to change.  The protocol and the workbooks can be found at the following links:

View the Approved Waiver Renewal Payment Protocol

View the  Ambulance Cost Report

View the  Dental Cost Report

View the  Texas Hospital UC Application (TXHUC) (Updated 04/10/2024)

View the  Texas Physician Group Application (TXPUC)

View the  Mid-Level Time Study Form

View the  Mid-Level Time Study Summary

View the  Physician Time Study Form

View the  Physician Time Study Summary