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Emergency Response Services (ERS)


Round-the-clock emergency response services are provided through an electronic monitoring system that is used by functionally impaired adults who live alone or who are socially isolated in the community. In an emergency, the client can press a call button to signal for help. The electronic monitoring system helps to ensure that the appropriate person or service agency responds to an alarm call.

Cost Report Information

Previous rules required each ERS contracted provider to submit financial and statistical information on a cost report for each ERS contract held with the Texas Department Aging and Disability Services (DADS). It has been decided to not require a 2000 Cost Report or future cost reports for ERS contracts until further notice. Additionally, ERS cost report training will no longer be provided.

Please keep in mind that if you have other contracts with DADS, such as Primary Home Care, Community Based Alternatives etc., a cost report will still be required for each contract according to the Cost Determination Process Rules. If you have contracts and programs other than ERS which require a cost report, you will need to continue to capture the direct costs for the ERS program separate from the direct costs of other contracts/programs so that you can allocate the appropriate amount of shared costs to each contract/program.


The Emergency Response Services (program-specific) Reimbursement Methodology is located at Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 15, Chapter 355, Subchapter E, Rule 355.510. These rules explain in detail how the ERS payment rates are calculated.

Rules pertaining to the maintenance of contractor records for the Emergency Response Services Program are located at Title 40 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 1, Chapter 49, Subchapter C, Rule §49.305 and Rule §49.307.

Payment Rate Information

Effective 2001 to Current Payment Rates (.pdf)