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Hospice is a program of palliative care consisting of medical, social and support services to terminally ill patients, when curative treatment is no longer possible.


The Hospice Reimbursement Methodology is located at the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 42, Part 418, Subpart G.

Payment Rate Information

Effective 10/01/2023 to current (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2022 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2021 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2020 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2019 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2018 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2017 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2016 (.pdf)
Effective 01/01/2016 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2015 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2014 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2013 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2012 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2011 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2010 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2009 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2008 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2007 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2006 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2005 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2004 (.pdf)
Effective 10/01/2003 (.pdf)