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Ambulance Services Supplemental Payment Program (ASSPP) Cost Report Training Information


In accordance with Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Part 15, Chapter 355, Subchapter J, Division 31, Rule 8600, Governmental ambulance providers that are eligible for supplemental payments must submit an annual cost report for ground and air ambulance services delivered to Medicaid clients on a cost report form specified by Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). Providers certify through the cost report process their total actual federal and non-federal costs and expenditures for the fiscal year. Cost reports must be completed for a full year based on the federal fiscal year. HHSC may require newly eligible providers to submit a partial-year cost report for their first year of eligibility through the end of their fiscal year.

In accordance with Title 1 TAC Part 15, Chapter 355, Subchapter A, §355.102(d), it is the responsibility of the provider to ensure that each cost report preparer has completed the required state-sponsored cost report training. Effective October 1, 2011, preparers must complete cost report training every other year for the odd-year cost report to receive credit to complete both that odd-year cost report and the following even-year cost report. If a new preparer wishes to complete an even-year cost report and has not completed the previous odd-year cost report training, to receive training credit to complete the even-year cost report, preparers must complete an even-year cost report training. NO EXEMPTIONS from the cost report training requirements will be granted. HHSC-sponsored Cost Report Video Trainings are offered at no charge.

The following table indicates the cost report training required for preparers based on the cost report year.

Report TypeRequired Training
2022 Cost Report2021 or 2022 Cost Report training
2023 Cost Report 2023 Cost Report training

Cost Report Training Materials

View the Cost Report Training Presentation (.pdf)

View the Texas Medicaid Providers Procedure Manual (TMPPM)

Note: Please download and review each of the training documents noted above, the cost report instructions, and the cost report template located on the cost report page prior to taking the cost report training video.

Cost Report Training Sessions

Information and Schedule

Training will be administered via scheduled webinars. Items to be covered will include allowable and unallowable costs, acceptable supporting documentation, and the new reporting system to be used, STAIRS.

Upon completion of the training, preparers will be given the appropriate credit to submit an ASSPP cost report in the State of Texas Automated Information Reporting System (STAIRS). For more information on STAIRS, click on the Cost Report Information link below. Attendees of trainings will not receive a certificate, and there will be no Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Continuing Professional Education (CPEs) credits for completing cost report training.

View the Cost Report Information

View the Cost Report Training Schedule (.pdf)

Register for Training

Important: Each training session will contain the same material and it is necessary to attend only one session to fulfill the training requirement. Successful completion of the training requires attendance of the entire training session.

The training presented via Webinar does require registration. Webinar is an interactive online training. Once you have registered, you will receive a website line to access the presentation and a conference call number to call in and participate in the training session.

Class: 2023 ASSPP Cost Report Training
Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Time: 10:30 AM (recommended log in time 10:15 AM)
Sign up at:

Class: 2023 ASSPP Cost Report Training
Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Time: 10:30 AM (recommended log in time 10:15 AM)
Sign up at:

Class: 2023 ASSPP Cost Report Training
Date: Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Time: 2:00 PM (recommended log in time 1:45 PM)
Sign up at:

Class: 2023 ASSPP Cost Report Training
Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM (recommended log in time 8:45 AM)
Sign up at :

Note: Webinar is an interactive online training and does require registration. You will receive a website link to access the presentation and a telephone number to access the conference call. HHSC is not responsible for any long-distance cost associated with the interactive online training.

Trained Preparers List:

For Security reasons, HHSC will no longer post the training preparers list to the Provider Finance website.

A list (in Excel) of persons who have completed the training requirements and received credit to prepare cost or accountability reports for the year indicated is located on the Dashboard in STAIRS. Users will need to log into their STAIRS account to access the list.

NOTE: Preparers willing to be hired out to prepare cost report are indicated on the list. HHSC does not endorse anyone on this list and does not ensure that anyone on the list can properly complete a cost report or accountability report.